Notes from you

Be cautious while picking a favorite movie. It tells people who you are, what moves you, what you giggle at. It exposes the little guy inside the hard core of big beards and short hair cuts. Shows your heart beat through your 'someone's gonna get a hurt real bad' tee-shirt. This favorite movie follows you... Continue Reading →

Dear ‘I am managing’

Dear 'I am managing', Let me tell you, you have it worse, than people who suffer. Suffer from clinical depression who cannot get out of bed to buy their medicine because that is what depression does, who suffer from cancer that only 2% of the world's population was lucky enough to have, who have met... Continue Reading →

Re-raising myself

2017 is to be different. In a good way. Because I have decided. To make it so with the sheer might of my will. 2017 will be different 1 broken thing mended at a time. It will be different not a project a month, but much more patiently than that because I realize Life so... Continue Reading →

1.2.3..jump / Travelogue I

Among the things I appreciate about the world, right after Blue-Blackcurrant jam come waterfalls on the side of the roads during monsoon on the way to a hill station. I like them A LOT more than that I like big waterfalls, let’s call them ‘the real ones’ that fall perennially. Forgive this discrimination as it... Continue Reading →

Why I do not write travelogues

I have tried, I have. To store all happy. Document it, with evidence if possible, photos, tickets, videos, postcards, lamps, earrings. To beat, I think, the insecurity of losing happy, to have it cheat on me. I feel like an impostor on happy. I am scared when it leaves, to never return, there will be... Continue Reading →

Of jet sprays

2015 was the year I cried in a concert. 2016 was the year of checking things off my bucket list. I lived 7 years’ worth of life in this one year. In 2016, I graduated (FINALLY! After 6 years of changing colleges, hostels, roommates, plagiarism, topping classes, leave notes, crushing over teachers, assignments written in... Continue Reading →

Improbable and Mundane

I was put on medication for feeling too often a feeling that lies in between anxiety and panic somewhere. I refused to do anything normal-life-like after that, I didn't see the point. No breakfast, no laundry, no writing on Instagram. "Don't be so hard on yourself." I lost the ability to heat milk, put clothes... Continue Reading →

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