Dear ‘I am managing’

Dear ‘I am managing’,
Let me tell you, you have it worse, than people who suffer. Suffer from clinical depression who cannot get out of bed to buy their medicine because that is what depression does, who suffer from cancer that only 2% of the world’s population was lucky enough to have, who have met with an accident and broke their nose, in two places.
They have no alternative but to seek help, help is sought for them. Sometimes, even help seeks them.
We who admit we are suffering, can cry. Society exempts us from ‘crying is for the weak’. It allows us to be angry at something. Someone.
Dear ‘This sucks but I am managing’,
there is a better state than managing, where you feel happy. The guiltless kind. Happy that is not the lack of sad, but happy that just is.
Dear ‘I am managing’, you are suffering.
You are not doing this to yourself. Give your body more credit than that. Did you know you cannot choke yourself to death? It’s disgusting how badly your body wants to live. Your tiny being is not powerful enough to beat it’s will.
Dear ‘suffering but managing through it’,
You deserve help even though you “don’t have it as bad as some do”.
No one can deal with your problems. Only you can. You do not seek help for a solution, you seek help so someone can tell you what the problem. Like in school, when you were stuck on a question for 20 minutes, going round and round trying to make sense of it. But then the teacher explained it better and you thought aah! I know how to get to the solution of THAT!
Dear sufferer,
Seek help, at least from people who want to help. Or the people who have studied to help. They might not be the same person sometimes. But do, because you deserve to feel better.
So listen, dear ‘who suffers but manages because s/he is strong, but is tired because there is only so much might to one’s will’,
Rest today.


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