Mummy, jump?

Some things change you, like most things can't, I always say. Life changes from a straight line to look like a constellation, all stars not equally bright. A class you took that changed the course of your career, the way you look at things. The day you tied your hair in a messy bun and... Continue Reading →

My life has been a series of reactions

All my childhood, the feeling I remember feeling the most is anger. I know now that anger is just a manifestation of some other feeling your being refuses to acknowledge. That feeling was possibly helplessness, confusion I am not too sure yet. Nevertheless, I was angry every time papa got posted to a new city... Continue Reading →

Grey and full of sleep

I feel very weird living in in this body. It feels like so many people occupy it one after the other, at the same time. Like when you walk into a new house and look at the old tenants' stuff. You try the pants on, try to play 1-2 cassettes and mostly judge their taste... Continue Reading →

Barefoot on rugs

This is an update post, which basically means I am bringing the world at pace with what has been happening in life while I was not writing about it. At least not on the internet. I know most of my posts have become these recently, but what is a girl to do in this world... Continue Reading →

Of realisations, of routines

I have been on and off so many flights in the past few months that I can now identified familiar faces. I, this time, had a lady on my flight to and from Bangalore. I knew her, not only from her face, but from all the frill on her - her shirts, purse, footwear. You... Continue Reading →

Sunny side up on toast

I Remember when in school.... Actually I don't think it works like this everywhere. Let me start over. When I was in school, I was a cool (only to myself and my teachers) kid because all I ever did was nerd. And I did not nerd in the hot physicist with great ass kind of... Continue Reading →

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